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When I first began my journey creating products for The Dollyhouse, it all kind of happened on accident but was truly destiny. I always envisioned owning my own cosmetic line one day after working straight out of high school at the DFS downtown on Guam, a luxury retail shopping strip where all the tourists would shop and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

I grew up on a small Pacific island in the middle of the ocean, Guam. However they were very up to date on all the trends and I truly always admired how the MAC girls looked all dolled up, the different LGBTQ+ dance shows, to the dolled up hula girls on Guam. My Mom also sold AVON as a kid and I remember helping her write out the invoices, packaging the products in bags, then delivering them to her different clients and Mom & Pop stores!

Beauty always surrounded me.

3 years ago, I was living overseas in Spain and had my own little salon/spa in the 3rd floor of my Spanish mansion, literally. Thank God for the military because that was truly a dream. I used to offer unique facial services and at the time would blend Grapeseed Oil then dash some Lavender Oil in my hand and mix it together to apply directly onto my clients. However, I no longer felt this was the best practice so I studied natural beauty products and formulated my own signature blend and my clients fell in LOVE! This pushed me to research herbal formulas focused on non-toxic ingredients. My clients would ask where it was from and I told them I made it! With their excitement to buy the beauty oil I ended up packaging it into my own line of products.

After so much phenomenal feedback, I began to experiment with products addressing the needs of my clients from cracked, dry lips to scaley, inflamed arms and back and from then... the rest is HERSTORY!

It's all just such a dream living my fullest potential tapping into my gifts I never knew I had and creating products brings me a kind of peace no other provides! The satisfaction and the results of the benefits of my products have only motivated me to expand my beauty line and continue transforming the world around me through the power of beauty!

Shop our collection today and we hope to hear how we transformed your life!



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