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At The Dollyhouse Academy, we are dedicated to accelerating the careers of both aspiring and seasoned beauty professionals. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the ever-evolving beauty industry.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, virtual training, and access to industry SECRETS, we provide a transformative learning experience that equips our students with the tools to shine in the world of beauty.

Whether you're taking your first steps or looking to elevate your career, join us AT THE DOLLYHOUSE on this exciting journey of growth, creativity, and success.


Discovery Call

Unlock your beauty potential with THE FIRST STEP, a personalized Discovery Call at The Dollyhouse! Whether you're a budding beauty artist or a seasoned pro, our expert insights, trend updates, and tailored advice will empower your career. Book your call today and let's elevate your beauty journey together!


Advanced Artistry Programs

SELECT A PROGRAM FROM Our Advanced Artistry ProgramS offerING aspiring beauty professionals a comprehensive curriculum, immersive hands-on training, personalized mentorship, and real-world experience. Graduates emerge with advanced skills and confidence to excel in high-end beauty placements and stay ahead in this competitive field OF BEAUTY


EBOOKS & Guides

Discover the secrets to beauty business success with our ebooks and guides! We've curated a treasure trove of industry insights, tried-and-true strategies, and expert advice to empower you on your beauty business journey. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our digital resources are your key to unlocking your full potential in the beauty industry. 

Makeup Products

1 ON 1 Makeup Class

Elevate your makeup skills with personalized 1-on-1 classes tailored to your goals. Our experienced makeup artists provide hands-on guidance, personalized feedback, and insider tips, whether you're a beginner or aspiring artist. Book a session today to unleash your creativity and refine your techniques

Makeup Products

Group Classes

Gather your best girlfriends or salon artist friends for a night of beauty and bonding in our Group Makeup Classes. Our expert instructors will guide you through a diverse range of makeup styles and techniques, tailored to various skill levels. It's the perfect opportunity to learn new makeup tricks or update your salon artist knowledge in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Reserve your group's spot and let the makeup magic begin!


Our Mentorship Program offers aspiring artists a unique opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of a seasoned professionals. Through one-on-one virtual sessions and hands-on experiences, you'll gain valuable industry insights, master advanced techniques, and develop your own unique style. Elevate your makeup career with personalized mentorship, tailored to your goals and aspirations

Makeup Artist


Our Makeup Beauty Internship Program provides hands-on experience for budding makeup artists looking to jumpstart their careers. Under the mentorship of industry experts, you'll work on real projects, gaining practical skills in makeup application, client interactions, and behind-the-scenes work. Join us for an immersive journey that will prepare you for a successful future in the makeup and beauty industry

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Business + Branding

Our Business and Branding Packages for Beauty Professionals provide all-in-one solutions to establish a standout brand identity. From eye-catching logos to fully optimized websites and effective social media strategies, our packages equip you with the tools to attract and retain clients. Elevate your beauty business with our tailored packages and make a lasting impression in the beauty industry


The Dollyhouse Academy offers a wide range of programs meticulously designed to elevate your skills and propel your career in the beauty industry. With our expert guidance, cutting-edge techniques, and a supportive community of artists, you'll not only learn the art of beauty but also unlock your full potential.

Now, imagine the doors that will open when you have the expertise, confidence, and network to thrive in this dynamic field. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future success.

Join The Dollyhouse Academy today, and let's embark on a transformative journey together, where your beauty dreams become a reality."

Purchase your copy of our newest e-book designed to elevate your beauty career or add to your makeup regimen!

Welcome to The Dollyhouse EBOOKS designed to elevate your career in the beauty industry and take you to the next level! Are you ready to embark on a transformative beauty journey guided by a true luminary in the industry? Look no further!


In this groundbreaking eBook, I am thrilled to share with you a curated collection of my most coveted beauty secrets that have propelled me to recognition as a Global Beauty Expert working around Asia, America, and Europe with celebrities, politicians, TV stars, pageants, brides, and the everyday woman!


Now, you may be wondering, what sets this eBook apart from the plethora of beauty guides available today?


The answer is simple: unparalleled value.


With my "15 Game-Changing Beauty Tricks," you gain exclusive access to the closely guarded secrets that have graced the most renowned faces and magazines. This eBook is your personal ticket to a world of beauty enhancements, offering practical, real-world advice that can revolutionize your technique. Each trick is a treasure trove of wisdom, designed to enhance your makeup skills, boost your confidence, and provide you with the tools to unleash your inner Artist.


By the time you reach the final page, you will not only be equipped with an arsenal of expert techniques but also empowered with the confidence to face the world with your best, most beautiful self. So, join me on this transformative journey, and let's unveil the breathtaking beauty that lies within you!

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